Equipe started work in East Africa but our aim to make a difference in the lives of the poorest does not stop there. Over the last years we have also been involved in projects in other continents. Currently we have live projects in the poorest areas of India and the Philippines.


group of people in IndiaIn India girls as young as 10 can be sold into prostitution by their families. These girls and young women are then forced to work as sex slaves by pimps in truly terrible conditions. Since 2008 Equipe has supported a refuge to help some of these girls escape out of this vicious cycle of slavery. Equipe will pay for the slave’s freedom and then will give them somewhere to live and training so they can get a proper skilled job like being a seamstress. Equipe also provided finance to construct an orphanage and provides relief for outcasts and those who are unable to provide for themselves.


young boy with toy car

Since 2009 Equipe has been partnering with Operation Kindness to provide a Children’s rehabilitation centre for street children in Lapu-lapu city which has a population of more than 350,000. Like many cities in the developing world it has grown so rapidly in the last ten years that the infrastructure cannot cope and shanty towns result. We work with children that we find scavenging on the main city’s rubbish dump where they collect plastic and other items for a few pennies a day.

Equipe’s Children’s Centre provides clothing, food, education and medical help and can then provide longer term accommodation for the orphans and outcasts.

Nick and Sue Pengelly

Nick and Sue have worked extensively in India and the Philippines to provide help for the poorest in society. They lead a Christian ministry organisation called ‘The Father’s Place’ that is based in Wrexham, where they live. They have three children.