Team Visit From UK August 2016

Team Visit from UK in August

15th Aug 2016 trip for 10 days- Flights from Birmingham and flying with Emirates was perfect! First 4 nights in an a hotel was a great idea was a lovely hotel good beds showers mozzy nets a toilet!! Was great only problem I felt there was the wait for the food which I’m sure you agree on let that hotel down a lot but like you said these things happen!

equipe-aug1I think all the school visits were fantastic I think we maybe saw to many classes in the amount of time we had and the size group we had we managed but was hard work I myself loved every bit of the class teaching and I know kellie did as well! (Pictures of some of the activities)

aug-2The show we went to was fantastic! Great to see some African music and dancing made the trip feel very much like a holiday 🙂 ferry trip was good having a meal on the way definitely made the trip feel shorter!  your house was great the rooms and toilets shower block were perfect for our stay the truck was one of my highlights going around on the back! Great to see all your land the puppies and meet lots of your friends. The one meal we had out I found a bit disappointing again but that was only because of the time we had to wait but I know that’s something which cannot change ! It was a shame that me and Kellie got slightly poorly on the last few days I think that might of been down to the food/ malorne and a bit too much sun! It didn’t affect the trip for me but I know it did a bit for Kellie. Doing the beading was a really good experience and good way to pass the evenings! I think the church service was good idea but maybe slightly to long for some people so that may be something to look in to 😊 I think you and John did a fantastic job at looking after us and I really hope to come out again one year and possibly set up supporting someone you know needs some help! LAURA HARRIS

aug3The team left many craft items behind – crayons, paper, etc… and these we were able to distribute to 2 of the nursery schools on the island.  Serena Nursery in Mweena (our nearest village) and Jojo Trust Nursery in Kalangala.aug4


Clothes donated in UK distributed to children in Kenya in a poor area of Nairobi, during our trip in July.  Such a delight to be able to bring a smile to their faces.