Equipe Uganda Summer Visit August 2017

I was part of a small team that went to Uganda August 17

The journey wasn’t without some hiccups; the plane was delayed at Birmingham airport for over an1 hour and we just caught the connecting flight to Uganda. On route we were informed that our cases had been left behind in Dubai and we would receive them the next day and we wasted about an hour or so having to go through form filling etc that was required.

After a day’s rest we went into we went into one of the local schools where we where given a very warm welcome by the staff and the pupils who were very pleased to see us.

Despite the lack of facilities the children had a desire to learn. We experienced the same welcome in all the schools that we visited. The children entered whole heartily into the colouring and making crowns and other items. Some of the sessions required them to be working together as a team, which was challenging for some who got too excited and just dashed ahead. One of the games, which we played, was blind man’s buff and it was a real hoot for the children, especially when the head and their class teacher were blindfolded, they were jumping and cheering.

On Sunday we visited one of the local churches and had a warm reception, the praise and worship was excellent, but sadly I don’t have the rhythm the Ugandans do.

Though we were a small team everybody worked really hard to make an impact on the lives of the people we came in contact with.


The roads and the driving was an experience in its self but not for those with a nervous disposition.

One thing, which struck me, was how stern people looked but just by saying hello their faces would light up and big grins would appear, We found people to be very friendly and welcoming.


We went on safari to Murchison Falls, which was a really good experience, viewing the animals and boating on the Nile, seeing hippos and crocodiles close up (not to close).








It was an eye opener to see how hard people needed to work to support their families and make ends meet.

If you want an experience and challenge I recommend going to Uganda. It won’t be easy but it will be well worth it.

Phil Meadows