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During a visit to East Africa, our founders were moved by the way the people lived with virtually no resources – often lacking the barest essentials, including proper nutrition. They returned to the UK and resolved to make a difference.

Photo of Margaret Howson and Abbey Mugagga

Equipe is the French word for ‘Team’. Everything Equipe does revolves around partnership working to make a difference. It values every person and seeks to equip them to play their part to improve the lives of others. Since its founding in 1998 by Tony and Margaret Howson, Equipe has been working in the poorest areas of a number of countries – mostly in East Africa but also further afield. Each day we and our supporters are working to make a difference to individuals and communities.

Vision Statement

To equip individuals and communities with the tools and essentials they need to improve the conditions and environment where they are.

Core Values

Relationship | Integrity | Family

  • We endeavour to do everything through relationship with complete integrity
  • We work through indigenous leaders and organisations who we know and trust. We keep in regular contact with them and aim to visit them annually.
  • We invest in communities to improve education, basic health and nutrition. We focus on improving the infrastructure that will lead to long term improvements whilst also investing in individuals, particularly in children and young people.
  • All of the children in our sponsorship programmes are known to us and our partners personally. We track their progress and ensure that every penny given by our sponsors goes directly to the children’s development.
  • It is our desire to build relationships with our supporters and sponsors encouraging them to get involved in our development projects and to build links with individuals and communities.

Current Projects

Equipe is currently working into three developing nations amongst the most poor and destitute. These are in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

We run a child sponsorship program; feeding programs; support several schools and help release women and young girls from being sold into prostitution. In addition, we support the building of societal infrastructure like water wells and tree plantations to encourage sustainability.

Equipe partners with a network of Christian Churches called New Day International (NDI). Find out more about New Day International.

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