Equipe in Africa

East Africa is where Equipe started in 1998 and it is still our main focus. We’re active in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, which all have lots of links in terms of history, politics, economics and peoples. They are also linked by the Lake Victoria, which at 68,000 km2, is more than three times the size of Wales.




Historically East Africa is a tribal land with many different tribes each having its own land, customs and language. With colonisation in the nineteenth century, the countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda were artificially created by European powers, often with little regard to the native peoples or cultures. Since achieving independence in the 1960’s the East African countries have had more than their fair share of political and economic upheaval, often associated with historical ethnic tensions. Idi Amin’s reign of terror in Uganda in the 1970’s is perhaps the most notorious but each country has struggled on its path towards social and economic development.

East Africa is blessed with a wonderful climate, rich vegetation and a land full of amazing people. Given the right tools and education, they will be the powerhouse of future development across Africa. The common cultural links and English language mean it is an ideal place for us to make a difference to its peoples.