Equipe Uganda Summer Visit August 2017

I was part of a small team that went to Uganda August 17

The journey wasn’t without some hiccups; the plane was delayed at Birmingham airport for over an1 hour and we just caught the connecting flight to Uganda. On route we were informed that our cases had been left behind in Dubai and we would receive them the next day and we wasted about an hour or so having to go through form filling etc that was required.

After a day’s rest we went into we went into one of the local schools where we where given a very warm welcome by the staff and the pupils who were very pleased to see us.

Despite the lack of facilities the children had a desire to learn. We experienced the same welcome in all the schools that we visited. The children entered whole heartily into the colouring and making crowns and other items. Some of the sessions required them to be working together as a team, which was challenging for some who got too excited and just dashed ahead. One of the games, which we played, was blind man’s buff and it was a real hoot for the children, especially when the head and their class teacher were blindfolded, they were jumping and cheering.

On Sunday we visited one of the local churches and had a warm reception, the praise and worship was excellent, but sadly I don’t have the rhythm the Ugandans do.

Though we were a small team everybody worked really hard to make an impact on the lives of the people we came in contact with.


The roads and the driving was an experience in its self but not for those with a nervous disposition.

One thing, which struck me, was how stern people looked but just by saying hello their faces would light up and big grins would appear, We found people to be very friendly and welcoming.


We went on safari to Murchison Falls, which was a really good experience, viewing the animals and boating on the Nile, seeing hippos and crocodiles close up (not to close).








It was an eye opener to see how hard people needed to work to support their families and make ends meet.

If you want an experience and challenge I recommend going to Uganda. It won’t be easy but it will be well worth it.

Phil Meadows

Help Needed with Feeding Programmes

Equipe has been bringing help to the needy for several years and many changes have happened over that time.
We are not a disaster fund which makes desperate appeals on the back of some catastrophic incident sending a portion of your gift to the scene while keeping some back for processing and administration, we are on the ground long term affecting communities.
Equipe has been providing feeding programs in East African schools so that the children get at least one nutritious meal per day. These programs have historically been funded through church groups but of late this support has diminished through changing circumstances

Our program has been providing one meal to over 800 children per day but we find ourselves unable to continue due to depletion of funds. In recent times we have encouraged our partners to look at self supporting systems to supplement or even replace these programs, some progress has been made but there is still a shortfall.African children with food bowls
Equipe currently sends out £1300 per term, that’s £325 a month, just over £11 per day to help provide a meal for 800 children.
The math is staggering, that’s less than 1.5p per child per day.

Of the 800 children we feed, less than 100 are receiving any form of child sponsorship.

We operate and achieve all that we do with only 5 part time volunteers and so are appealing for your assistance.
We need your help to enable us to continue this vital work, through donations (no matter how small), through you organising a fund raising event such as car boot or garage sale, coffee morning, cake sale etc. etc.

Please contact us if you can help.

Equipe Newsletter January 2017



newsletter Jan 2017

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Newsletter Jan 17

Team Visit From UK August 2016

Team Visit from UK in August

15th Aug 2016 trip for 10 days- Flights from Birmingham and flying with Emirates was perfect! First 4 nights in an a hotel was a great idea was a lovely hotel good beds showers mozzy nets a toilet!! Was great only problem I felt there was the wait for the food which I’m sure you agree on let that hotel down a lot but like you said these things happen!

equipe-aug1I think all the school visits were fantastic I think we maybe saw to many classes in the amount of time we had and the size group we had we managed but was hard work I myself loved every bit of the class teaching and I know kellie did as well! (Pictures of some of the activities)

aug-2The show we went to was fantastic! Great to see some African music and dancing made the trip feel very much like a holiday 🙂 ferry trip was good having a meal on the way definitely made the trip feel shorter!  your house was great the rooms and toilets shower block were perfect for our stay the truck was one of my highlights going around on the back! Great to see all your land the puppies and meet lots of your friends. The one meal we had out I found a bit disappointing again but that was only because of the time we had to wait but I know that’s something which cannot change ! It was a shame that me and Kellie got slightly poorly on the last few days I think that might of been down to the food/ malorne and a bit too much sun! It didn’t affect the trip for me but I know it did a bit for Kellie. Doing the beading was a really good experience and good way to pass the evenings! I think the church service was good idea but maybe slightly to long for some people so that may be something to look in to 😊 I think you and John did a fantastic job at looking after us and I really hope to come out again one year and possibly set up supporting someone you know needs some help! LAURA HARRIS

aug3The team left many craft items behind – crayons, paper, etc… and these we were able to distribute to 2 of the nursery schools on the island.  Serena Nursery in Mweena (our nearest village) and Jojo Trust Nursery in Kalangala.aug4


Clothes donated in UK distributed to children in Kenya in a poor area of Nairobi, during our trip in July.  Such a delight to be able to bring a smile to their faces.


Uganda Update October 2016

Latest update from Uganda Oct 2016

We have had a busy time at Maranatha Gateway planting various trees over these last few months.  500 eucalyptus seedlings were planted in May.  Their trunks grow quickly, tall and straight and are mostly used for the building trade.

uganda-oct-1The eucalyptus trees keep on growing – most are well over 6 feet tall.  The pine trees planted in early October need much more care and some are struggling to keep growing straight!!  We have had more fruit trees planted – mango, banana and next week we will add passion and paw paw.

We have also had quite a lot of tree surgery done – dangerous overhanging branches, Large palm trees blocking out the light and some smaller jobs.

The grass on the recreation area is beginning to grow well and has even had its first slashing!! (ie cutting!!)


uganda-oct-2We had a successful carpentry course at the end of September and a team from US came for  few days at beginning of October to work with Pastor Fred’s church.  They stayed at one of the beach resorts and John ferried them back and forth to various meetings, hospital visit (to pray for the patients) etc… They also visited the local prison and 6 of the inmates received Jesus  and want to be baptised. 2 patients from the hospital got healed and baptised as did 2 of the waitresses at the hotel.  A great time.

uganda-oct-3The following weekend we went to Kampala with the truck.  On the way we took some equipment to Pastor Margaret’s prostitute project in Namulanda.  Sewing machines and various accessories and material to help train the ladies in a money earning skill. This equipment came as part of our shipment from Tools with a Mission – we also had equipment for carpentry, brick laying and ground working tools.  It has been such a blessing.

We were also meeting up with someone who was going to help us achieve the renewal of our NGO.  I had been getting some paperwork together and I wanted to see how we were doing.  Well actually pretty well is the answer!!! In fact today (27th) I have just completed all the paperwork, got all the relevant signatures and photocopied all the pages to make 6 copies, put in files all ready to go to the various departments.  Monday I shall be back in Kampala to give the file for the NGO board and hope that everything will be ok for our renewal in November.  Praise God.

Equipe Global now a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Uganda

January 2016

We are delighted to report that following a number of years of hard work and countless pieces of official paper filled in Equipe Global is now formally recognised by the Ugandan government as one of the countries NGOs. This means acquiring travel visas and work permits is much easier and cheaper and the charity now has other benefits in the country.

New Puppies Arrive at Maranatha Gateway


Six wonderful puppies arrive!

March 2016 and great to report our dog has given birth to six wonderful puppies


Latest News From Uganda February 2016

Maranatha Gateway, Kalangala


Students at Maranatha Gateway show off their carpentry work

The second accommodation block has been completed with all plastering and painting as well as  all bedrooms fully  equipped.  The pathways connecting the buildings have been laid with stone, making access much easier.

2 carpentry courses have been held with some wonderful furniture made – especially from the Module 2 course, which consisted of students from the previous module 1 courses over the last 12 months.


New sleeping accommodation now complete


New Rock Foundation School, Kampala


Are these the most colourful school gates in Africa? Thanks to St Paul’s Primary School!!

The school gates have been painted as well as other improvements to the kitchen which have been made possible by the support of St Paul’s Primary School in Hereford.







Bridge of Hope school, Kalangala

The nursery building is nearing completion with the walls mostly in place.  This is as a result of the support from St John’s Primary school in Sandbach.

B o H nursery walls 2

Bridge of Hope Nursery Nears Completion


These students are looking forward to the new classroom















Chosen Children Primary School, Nansana

This school has recently been ‘twinned’ with All Saints Primary School, Gresford, Wrexham.  We look forward to the benefit that both schools can make of this connection.

Team visit

A small team is coming out to Uganda in August 2016 to visit each of the above schools and work with the children, as well as see other aspects of African life.  This is an exciting event and we hope to accommodate many more such visits in the future.

End of Year News From Maranatha Gateway

Our time spent in Uganda since August has been very busy.  We held our first 2 week carpentry course in September, which produced some excellent stools and tables. We hope this skill will enable these young men to supplement their income.
We then started building the second accommodation block and we are pushing up to get the roof on before Christmas.
At the end of November we held a craft course for ladies – making paper beads and weaving baskets.  We then went down to the lakeside resorts and sold most of what they made to the tourists.  The ladies are continuing to meet together here at Sozi once a week, making craft souvenirs which can provide an income for them. It is exciting to empower local people for whom there are few opportunities. We are so grateful to supporters in the UK who sponsor these courses so we can provide them free – accommodation, food and training.
This month we have enlarged the family in Sozi by one piglet – called Cyclops, as he only has one good eye!  and 3 laying hens. We still have one big pig ( who we hope is pregnant) and 3 younger pigs – but we expect to slaughter 2 of these to provide meat for Christmas for us and our friends.
We can only continue to develop here through the generosity of our supporters, we thank you so much for believing in us, to help us make a difference here in the Ssese Islands.

Building Carpentry WeaveBeads

Liverpool Half Marathon Sponsorship

Liverpool half Marathon  LIverpool Half Marathon2

On 23rd March Stuart Hodgkinson ran 13.1 miles in aid of Equipe. He was  new to long distance running but wanted to get some money to sponsor a very particular cause.

David Ouma 2

David Ouma pictured above is 15 and lives in Tanzania. He has a rare eye condition that means he needs a cornea transplant or he will go blind. He had one successful cornea transplant completed a few years ago which was paid for by Equipe sponsorship and now the other eye needs a transplant. The operation costs £1,300 – which seems a small price to pay for sight. 

You can still sponsor Stuart to help raise this money please go to our ‘Donate Now’ button at the foot of this page and complete the form and add your Paypal details.

Thank you


Stuart completed the half marathon in a respectable time of 2 hours 13 mins despite poor weather conditions. Thank you for you support.