Get Involved

You can get involved with what Equipe is doing in several ways – becoming a sponsor, donor or an Equipe Representative, joining one of our teams, or simply being an Equipe Friend and following us on Facebook.

African girl holding bowl

Become a Sponsor

We have many children in desperate circumstances and are always looking for new sponsors. Find out more about child sponsorship. Alternatively you can sponsor a child’s place at a school, a feeding programme or a girl’s place in a refuge for sex slaves. Find out more about other forms of sponsorship.

Become a Donor

You can give into a particular project or into Equipe’s general funds which will then be used as emergency relief. This can either be a regular or one off donation.

Become an Equipe representative

If you would like to be even more involved in Equipe’s work then you can become a representative. This is more than a fundraiser because we work through relationship and want to build up a friendship with our representatives so they understand more about how we work. Our representatives receive a pack about how they can support our work and the help that we can provide for them.

Our representatives will have an opportunity to link with other representatives and meet the Equipe team at our annual briefing. We also give our Representatives the opportunity to visit one of our projects in Africa or across the world.

Join one of our teams

Equipe teams regularly travel out from the UK to one of our project areas. They go to give support and practical help to our work and we give opportunities for individuals or groups to join our teams.

Contact us to enquire about becoming a representative or joining one of our teams.

Become an Equipe friend

Friends of Equipe will receive regular email and electronic updates through Facebook. You can become a Equipe friend by liking our Facebook page or sending us your email contact.