The trustees of Equipe are as follows.

John Gasston (Chairman)

Retired engineer. Works with Sue. Married for 34 years.

Sue Gasston

Sue and her husband John have worked extensively in Uganda to help construct schools and other infrastructure and currently ¬†they are responsible for managing Equipe’s Child Sponsorship programme. Originally they worked through their own charity called Maranatha Gateway but this charity merged with Equipe in 2011. John and Sue spend a large part of their year in Uganda and have built a Vocational Training Centre on the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria to help develop the skills in this remote part of Uganda. Sue is East Africa Director. John & Sue have a house in Hereford and have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

Tim Geddes

A retired music and special needs teacher spending his time between Uganda and the UK.

Sue Marshall

A special needs teacher who lives and works in the UK. Married with two grown up daughters.

Other Partners

Abbey Mugagga

Abbey and his wife Samalie live in Kampala, Uganda. They have partnered with Equipe since 2000 and have built a school and orphanage in a poor area in the North of the city. He administers the child sponsorship programme in Uganda. They have two of their own children but look after many others.